Aloha is the most accessible, flavorful and “fun” of the aforementioned blends. Both the blueberry and bubblegum aromas are spectacularly sweet. Aloha distinguishes itself from the rest of the group also by the fluffy formation of its herbs, which more closely resembles the look of other nugget-aesthetic based products. The downside is once you reach the bottom you’re sure to be left with a reasonable amount of large sticks and stems. Burning Aloha cultivates a relaxing and cheery environment, lingering about for reasonable amount of time comparable to what most have come to expect from herbal incense these days. I found the post-sleep inducing effects to be less of an issue with this blend than the other two–one can go on throughout their day with ease.

Strength: 8.8/10
Aromas: 9.6/10 (Bubblegum), 9.5/10 (Blueberry)
Overall: 9.0/10

 The scent is pretty standard with a hint of spicy pleasantness. The aroma creates a nice blend of relaxation and focus. This is one of the strongest blend we carry, though admittedly I find Aloha more enjoyable–which in a sense comes down to personal preference.


Strength: 8.9/10
Aroma: 8.0/10
Overall: 8.8/10

76 Grams Of Aloha Herbal Incense


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