Vertex Space Cadet is a very potent pot pourri that releaves a strong relaxing fragrance when burned and contains a specially selected blend of plants & aroma.


Space Cadet is the newest product in the Vertex family and also the strongest of the three. The effect is similar to the Pirate but has a nice addition which makes it a bit trippy as well. Tutti-Frutti flavour and it is clearly a member of the upper class.


MP Test results: We must admit it, these guys scored the touch down now.. This new member of the Vertex Clan is a very strong and very intense creation. It is high like the outer space and you are sure dancing with the stars up there. :) Beginners should look into a different direction first because it requires certain skills to go this high! But those who can take the ride will enjoy a marvelous taste and the highest peak of this product line. :) Nearly top scores for this one +9/10 and keep your reviews coming!


Novelty Collector's item. Not For Human Consumption.


Ingredients: Gomphrena, Blue Lotus, Cuphea Ignea, Irish Shamrock, Damiana, Maconha Brava, Marshmallow, Buxus Dioica, Palathos, Aromas.

Legal status:

This product is legal worldwide. READY TO BE SHIPPED ANYWHERE!

5 x 3 Grams Of Vertex Space Cadet


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