3 gram grip seal bag.

Spike 99 Series is a selection of very potent pot pourris that relieves a strong relaxing fragrance when burned and contains a specially selected blend of plants & aroma.


These Spike 99 products are part of a new generation product line with very well balanced high and uplifting effect and in 3 different flavours. As the potency of the product line is set to the strong middle class level, it is great for just about everybody. :)


Spike 99 Original – No Flavour
Spike 99 Ultra – Blueberry
Spike 99 Gold – Egzotic Fruits


MP Test results: These 3 Spike products are holding a strong position at our shop. The potency is set to a decent level which is ideal for everybody, not too harsh and not too light. :) The Original version is available with no added flavour, the Ultra tastes like blueberry and the Gold is a nice mixture of egzotic fruits. The flavours really make a difference here, so the Ultra and Gold versions could be a little stronger than the Original, but all of them are great, otherwise they would not be here, right? :) By trying these products many of the guys here had the same feeling like with the old Spice blends, only in a new generation edition. It scored a 8/10 for us but we would appreciate to hear your reviews too. :)


Aromatic Incense. Not For Human Consumption.


Ingredients: Baybean, Sarsaparilla, Indian Warrior, Rose Geranium, Damiana, Senna Leaf, Marshmallow, Lemon Verbena, Palathos, Aromas.

Legal status:

NEW ingredients to meet with the latest 2019 law changes, 100% legal worldwide. Ready to be shipped anywhere.

3 x 3 Grams Of Spike 99 Series


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